The combined experience of TMA's key staff represents more than 100 man years of responsible professional practice on several hundred million dollars worth of design and construction projects. The broad range of previous projects demonstrates TMA's flexibility concerning both the scale and complexity of our assignments. TMA's expertise includes a balance of new construction as well as renovation of major facilities. Our attention to detail and priority of performance is not governed by the size of the project. Each project is of equal importance when entrusted to us here at TMA.

TMA is a team of Christ-centered design professionals committed to excellence in architecture, planning and service to our clients from concept through occupancy for JESUS' sake.
The initials TMA stands for "THE MASTER ARCHITECT" our creator, the Lord Jesus Christ. We here at TMA acknowledge HIS divine activity and authority in all that we do say and are. Our desire as a firm is that our professional excellence in design and service as architects will point people to HIM and not to us.
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